Fireside Creative




custom video production

Using sight, sound, and motion, we aim to captivate audiences with well-crafted, high-quality video. Whether it’s a long-form piece telling the story of why you started, client testimonials that showcase living-proof that your products or services work, or short pieces of social-worthy content that grab attention and pique interest, we want to help tell your story in a way that resonates with viewers.

Bring your ideas to us. Tell us what your goals are. We’ll help realize and nurture the story you want to tell.


social media marketing & content creation

With our combined expertise in visual storytelling and marketing, we’ll help identify your market opportunity – who your customers are, what platforms they use, and how they use them. Through one-on-one consultations, we can help craft a strategic social media marketing plan that drives strong audience engagement and builds lasting relationships between you and your clients.


marketing consultation

While all business are eager to build their brand presence and jump into content creation (because hey, that’s the fun part!), it’s important to have a strong understanding of not only what you are selling, but why your audience should buy it from you.

Who is your target audience? How are you currently positioning yourself to that audience? What is your unique value proposition? What are the key benefits of your product or service, and how have you proven that? Who/what is your brand, and what does your brand stand for?

Through one-on-one consultations, we’ll take you through brand exercises that will help you get to the bottom of these questions and more. Our goal is for each client to walk away with a better understanding of not just where and how to market their message, but what exactly that message, or story, should be.



We love sharing our knowledge with others and seeing students put our plans into action. We are always looking for new opportunities to teach and are currently working on course programming, exploring teaching spaces, and more.

If we don’t have any current classes listed on our Events page, feel free to reach out as we’re happy to teach smaller groups or individual business the basics in filmmaking+photography, social media strategy, and marketing+branding and can customize class content based on your group’s needs.


Photos courtesy of Unsplash