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Black Oak Casino Resort

Black Oak Casino Resort

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Major Casino Promotions

Escape the Cold – Jan/Feb 2019

Things around The Hotel seem a little off as Leif searches for guests to share the latest promotion... 🤔

Stuffin’ Your Pockets – Nov/Dec 2018

Leif Kruger, the Executive Director of Marketing, has some unexpected holiday visitors as he explains Black Oak Casino Resort’s Nov/Dec 2018 major casino promotion: Stuffin’ Your Pockets.

Special Events

THE EDGE - Weekly Series

The Edge is Black Oak Casino Resorts reoccurring show highlighting the many great events happening this week. Aimed at a younger audience, this series gives viewers “the edge” on the best places for refreshing drinks, delicious food, and great music.

Holiday Haul Away – Dec 2018

Hey, Leif! Cheryl has a great idea for the Holiday Haul Away event happening this Saturday, December 9th! Oh and... she has a simple request... 😄🎁🎄